Quark by Cledar

Gain a consistent, accurate, real-time view of your data.
Unmatched experience of interaction powered by Large Language Models.

Designed for your needs

Quark simplifies the process of financial data management and enables users to make informed decisions quickly. With Quark, users can easily access financial data from multiple sources and run financial formulas and AI/ML models with real-time data output.

Designed for your needs

Analyze your data in real time

Optimize your workflow by ditching legacy systems

Easily access your data without mediators

Reduce reliability on IT teams

Quark by Cledar

Quark is an innovative cloud-based solution, tailored for financial institutions and beyond to improve the integration and standardization of both external and proprietary data. Our robust product empowers companies to leverage their data and gain a competitive edge.

Explore Quark Features

Cloud-based platform

Cloud-based platform that would enable to integrate data with the use of proprietary architecture.

Web app & excel integration

Web application for data visualization and basic analysis with the most common formulas implemented to the app​.

Real-time financial models

Ability to run financial formulas and AI/ML models with real-time data output​.

Unified data model​

User-friendly data exploration and analysis with the proprietary unified data model.

Developed with your challenges in mind

Nowadays, gaining a competitive edge, enabling users to experience the best service, and keeping the systems up-to-date are the most crucial goals for financial services organizations. All these challenges can easily be solved by gaining consistent and real-time data monitoring. Such insights would aid in improving areas such as market risk analysis, risk reporting, cash flow management, and regulatory compliance, as well as providing a comprehensive overview of both customer and institutional client activities.

Investment Funds
Asset Management Companies

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